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Regardless if you fast, cleanse or detox, Joogo is here for you! We'll use the word cleanse at Joogo, since it can mean either 'cleaning' your body (physically) or soul (spiritually); or both! And with this cleanse, you will be emotionally renewed too! :)

Definitions of #FCD from

FAST (spiritually)

to abstain from all food; to eat only sparingly or limit of one's food, especially when voluntary and as a religious observance.


to make clean; to remove by or as if by cleaning

DETOX (physically)

to undergo treatment to rid the body of poisonous substances, esp alcohol and drugs

Joogo's cleanse program is designed for busy Singaporeans who wants to rest into a quality life. The cleanse allows your digestive system to rest and 'forces' you to keep your schedule as light as possible during the cleanse. A great chance for your life and mind to de-clutter. to be renewed and refreshed inside, out. Not only will you feel good, you will look good!

Simply replace your three meals with 6 bottles (flavours) of 16oz (475ml) freshly cold-pressed vegan juices (unpasteurized!). Each beverage is designed to replace solid foods and snacks. And we deliver them fresh to your doorstep.

During The Cleanse | You will have enough nutrients to carry through your day as usual - just try to keep your workload and social life light.

Pre- and Post- Cleanse | It's important to ease in and out of a cleanse - eat lighter towards your cleanse and slowly increase your food intake after that. Also, try to commit yourself – in body, mind and soul.

Cleanse Programs | The cleanse is available in 1 or 3-day programs. Of course, the longer you commit to the cleanse, the better the results, but don’t rush into it. Select your duration based on your activity level, body needs and goals. We try not to focus on weight loss as a goal at Joogo. What Joogo does is to help you jumpstart into a healthier lifestyle - with better eating habits. During or after a cleanse, you might find your stomach or appetite has shrunk or/and have an aversion to unhealthy foods.

Most of us city dwellers love and are addicted to junk food, MSG, caffeine, exhaustion, sweets, alcohol, work, partying, late nights... The list goes on. Even though our bodies detoxify, cleanse and heal themselves, we overload our body systems with toxins faster than they can handle. This leads to all sorts of health problems, not to mention premature aging.

Joogo Cleanse wants to help you cut down on all the bad food or stuff and increase your fresh raw fruits and vegetables intake. It also allows your digestive system to rest while feeding your body with nutrients. Your body will feel lighter, while giving you more energy.

There are people who fast for spiritual reasons. And there are people who detox when they have:

✘ lack of energy or motivation; sluggishness; unfocused attention;
✘ bad skin complexion;
✘ bloatedness;
✘ overweight problem;
✘ insomnia;
✘ headaches; bodyaches;
✘ too much alcohol/smoking/bingeing; or
✘ too much sugar and carbs.

So if you belong to any of the categories, Joogo Cleanse might just be the answer for you - a glowing work on your body, mind and soul:

Opens door to a healthier lifestyle:
⇢ Feel cleaner and lighter;
⇢ Reduced cravings for sugar, caffeine and other stimulants;
⇢ Improved eating habits;
⇢ Learn how to control appetite and weight better.

Improves your bodily functions:
⇢ Boosts your immune system;
⇢ Improves your digestive system and bowel health;
⇢ Rejuvenates your body and mind;
⇢ Decreases harmful toxins in your body.

Awakens your senses:
⇢ Increased energy levels;
⇢ Sharper and heightened senses;
⇢ Better concentration;
⇢ Stress relieved;
⇢ Better sleeping quality.

Beautify you visibly:
⇢ Better, radiant and glowing skin complexion;
⇢ Slowing signs of aging.

Promotes normalized weight:
⇢ Reduction in excess stubborn fats;
⇢ Accelerated metabolism;
⇢ Decrease in bloating and water retention.

Cleanse and you'll find a new creation, inside out. Feel better on the inside, look better on the outside.

Cleanse Plans

1-Day Starter: If it's your first time cleansing, and you just want to try it out. Or if you want to break a water fast with these juices. Or simply to drink healthily for 3 days. :)

3-Day Kit: Best! Take the leap and be renewed inside out. Also, good for people who want to cleanse for 2 days and break fast or ease out of a cleanse with the juices on the 3rd day!

3-Month Subscription: You're on the roll! Get a "3-Day Kit" each month - consecutively for 3 months. Save the hassle of re-ordering every month, plus you'll get a great mystery gift!

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6 bottles of 16oz (475ml) juice per day. 6 flavours.


  • Pick fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Queue up at long checkout lines
  • Carry back the heavy groceries


  • Cut and wash the ingredients
  • Juice the fruits & vegetables
  • Wash up the tools and kitchen


  • You are not alone.
  • We're your cheerleader!
  • ..Or accountability partner. ;P