Journey with People Cleansing with Joogo

"I started on Joogo cleanse because I felt I have a lot of poo stuck in my system. It turns out to be a really good cleanse for my overall system! Though I had to often run to the toilet to pee, the pee had been very clear.

During the cleanse, my brain felt more alert and responsive to changes. At the same time, I slept very well during the 3 days. My body naturally felt tired by 10pm and I would fall asleep very easily, unlike before. Also, I used to get very bad leg muscles ache because my work requires me to walk and squat a lot, but I didn't feel any while working during the cleanse.

Surprisingly, I didn't have any hungry pangs! I could even sit and drink my juice with others who were eating. One time, my family was having a feast of roast duck, which I totally love, yet I thought it smelled weird during the cleansing period. Interestingly, the only food which I wanted to eat was the broccoli.
Overall, it was very fulfilling experience! Day 1 was more challenging as I toyed with the thoughts of "just one day is enough"... but I overcame it! Day 2 and 3 were much easier as the body got used to it. After the cleanse, I find myself being more aware of processed foods. Moreover, it was difficult for me a few years back when I tried losing weight, but somehow the juices help me to develop a natural reflex to stay away from the unhealthy and fatty food. I have learnt that I CAN OVERCOME TEMPTATIONS!"

Quotes from IG @missdeety


"What I need right now. A season of fasting and detoxing. Natural healing. Halfway through day 1 of #juicefast and I gotta say each bottle gets more yummy! I thought the V Bomb was awesomebut this is da bomb! My fav so far bottle 3. Yes I got cravings tho I wasn't hungry at all. Chocolate and hot noodle soup cravings. So on to bottle 3 and staying off the insta #foodporn big thanks @joogojuice and @annabel_t #eatclean #cleanse #detox #juice #wellness #joogojuice"

"Day 3 of #juicefast feeling awesome! It really does gets easier. No headaches today. Just charged, energetic. Lips were cracked cos I kept juicing I forgot to drink water. I was also sick on Monday when I started and I am recovering fast. I do feel cleaner and lighter. I would do a 6 days fast the next time. Thanks for the constant encouragement @joogojuice #joogojuice #eatclean #wellness"

"Little lifestyle changes that makes a difference! Big thanks to @annabel_t and @joogojuice for being the fire starter. Pilates..planking..Baby steps. No matter how slow, it's better than zero."

"Not saying that we don't take actions and just let it happened. If something shifted for you, your response will be automatic. People asked me about being smoke free and also what is the trigger for the get fit journey. It started with the @joogojuice cleanse, I said why not. And then Pilates happened, I suffered from having a bad back for ages, so I say why not.
Taking steps to take care of my body and I began to align my actions, my habits, broke certain patterns, I.e wheat, flour, eating more greens and the smoke free days came naturally, it no longer serves the lifestyle I am living now. I don't have to force it. It just no longer fit in my life, inconsistent to who I am being. I did not have to force myself. I just shifted my view on my life. Happy one month being #smokefree
#wellness #fitness #quitsmoking #iquit"


"Finished my juice cleanse and I must confess it's harder this time round as I keep thinking I know how to do this, I have done this before.
The next time I do the juice cleanse I will choose to nibble on veg or nuts, that will make it more bearable. Remember to hydrate even though juicing seems to be full of fluids but it's not the same as drinking water. I would recommend the juice cleanse to anyone who wants to kick start / reboot their body. You will find that we don't need that much food anyway, and your palette changes. When on the cleanse everything I see at the hawker center looked awesome, from oyster omelet to satay (and I don't ever like satay) became a craving. On the third day and final day of my cleanse, I went to the supermarket to cook the awesome chicken soup so i would have it right after my cleanse and no greasy food since! You don't have to eat what you crave. I am also aware of body the way I never did before. I am starting to have 6 small meals a day instead of 3 big meals. Nuts like almonds are handy. Unsalted ones please. Big thanks to @joogojuice for supporting me through this 3 day journey. It's ok to do light exercises. I resumed my Pilates session and did not feel any weaker. Be sure to have plenty of sleep tho! Enjoy your reboot!#juicecleanse #fitness #wellness #weightloss #eatclean #cleanse #cleaneating"

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Note that cleansing experience varies from person to person.

Andreatte Loh ❤

"I started on this detox because I was feeling very lethargic despite jogging, exercising and resting. Now I feel so much more alert and energetic!"

IG @smileybrows ❤

"I had a one day juice cleanse with @joogojuice
yesterday:) Slightly challenging to resist all temptations but I managed to survive and detox for better complexion and health. Dayre ( about my experience with #joogojuice too!"

Annabel Tan ❤

"Although the cleanse is only three days but it has made me want to adopt many elements about this lifestyle! Like cleansing regularly with a fast! It helps me feel sharper, feel more connected with myself and in tune with God as I chill and go with the peace."

IG @nakedgloryvera ❤

"Challenging myself on a one day detox juice cleanse diet with @joogojuice today! Just 6 bottles of juice. These cold-pressed juices taste great and I love that they contain superfoods such as spirulina and chia seeds too."

IG @enpointethroughlife ❤

"A dosage of cold pressed juice to start my morning of flower hunting. It was one of the most flavorful cold pressed juice I ever had. And I really like the addition of chia seeds in the juice; not only it's something different, it also added a little texture/crunch. Loved it."

Peh Shining ❤

"Appreciate that you took time to send encouragements during the cleansing. Thanks for such a lovely opportunity to do a detox with such great support! I could sleep really well at night! I have also learnt to appreciate food so much more. I also feel that my skin got better after the cleanse :)"